Our clinic is located on main street in Marbella, right by the Alameda Park. We avail ourselves of the latest medical imaging and diagnosis technology for all patients, as much adults as children:


  • For the exploration of the ear
    • Otoscope with LED light
    • Video otoscope
    • Video microscope
    • Immittance measurement equipment
    • Audiometre
    • Auditive screening of children through acoustic otoemissions


  • For the exploration of the nose
    • Front and back rhinoscopy
    • Nasal endoscopy
    • Fibroscopy


  • For the exploration of the larynx and voice
    • Indirect laryngoscopy
    • Telaryngoscopy at 70 and 90º
    • Fibrolaryngoscopy
    • Stroboscope of the larynx
    • Acoustic and spectrographic voice analysis

clinica dr casado location in marbella